Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Shopping Made Easy

The Liquid Muse 'Lucky Seven' Holiday Picks!

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, it is time to whip out the plastic and let your fingers do the walking across that great shopping expanse otherwise referred to as the Internet. From the worldly wine connoisseur to the creative-type “between careers,” there’s a little something for every alcohol-enthusiast on your list. So, pour yourself a stiff one, and lean back in that easy chair. I’ve practically done the shopping for you!

1. Learn from the King of Cocktails himself with Dale DeGroff’s Craft of the Cocktail Deck

2. Become a Cocktail Cassanova with Tony Abou Ganim's Modern Mixology DVD

3. Think you know about wine? Prove it with Trinchero's World Wine Challenge computer game!

4. Want to give a gentle nudge to a financially-challenged special someone? Miss Charming’s Bartender Resume Service is a loving way to say, "Get off my couch!"

5. Mixing New Orleans is the go-to book for drinking in the Big Easy, and beyond... Buy it here.

6. Give the Rockstar in your life a one-of-a-kind present... their own customized Signature Cocktail from The Liquid Muse!

7. And, if you're in the LA-area, make like a celebutante and head down to Robertson Boulevard. Hipster designer Lisa Kline has created some limited edition Jack Daniel’s T-shirts. (This one's mine... and, no, you can't have it!) For those of you outside La-La-Land, here's the link.


Deb said...

Sister! Please forgive me for not thanking you for a wonderful time!!! You are so gracious! I'm loving the t-shirt. I'll check her out on my next trip into L.A.

Shawn said...

OK, TLM, someone has to say it. You look pretty damn hot in your t-shirt! said...

Aw, thanks, man. An old gal like me takes all the compliments she can get! ;-)