Monday, January 07, 2008

Intoxicating Fun With the Intoxicated Zodiac...

Well, shiver m'timbers! I just won a super multi-colored wooden muddler from the Intoxicated Zodiac. Cocktail blogger Gwen enticed people into signing up for her newly debuted newsletter by entering them into a drawing for this really cool muddler. Lo, and behold, I was the lucky winner! (I just knew 2008 would be a great year!)

If you want to buy one of these for yourself, visit Gwen's shopping page, and while you're there, learn which cocktails best suit your sign. Get on Gwen's mailing list by signing up here. Its a hoot - and makes for great workplace reading material. (Don't tell your boss I said that...) And, don't forget to check out the cool screensavers on her blog.

And, for those who may not know it already, I ran a little contest myself, in December. And, the winner of their very own Liquid Muse Signature Cocktail will be announced in an upcoming Cocktail of the Week Museletter. If you don't already get it, sign up on my homepage.

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