Monday, May 05, 2008

My Big Fat Mouth on Mediabistro

Doling Out Blogging Advice, One Article At A Time...

If you've been reading The Liquid Muse Blog for any length of time, you know that I have little filter between my brain and my mouth. I spout my opinions (why else have a blog?) and hope that something of interest to others may be imparted in the process. Given that the backbone of my career as The Liquid Muse began with my blog, some consider my 2-cents worth a listen.

Therefore, I'm quite proud that is running my second blog-related article today. I'm a major mediabistro fan, and consider it a valuable resource for all writers and PR folks - amateur and professional.

Last year, I wrote this article for them called: "Blog Your Way to Freelance Work," which lends a few pointers to freelancers looking to use their blog as a tool for freelance journalism. Today's piece is called "PR Perfected: Pitching Bloggers." It provides helpful advice for those wishing to hock their wares or services to bloggers... and some simple guidelines to help that be as effective as possible.

Happy reading and I look forward to hearing your pitches and / or your feedback!

*The cool 'Blog' image above is borrowed from, on the page where my article is running.


camper said...

I started reading the article and was agreeing with everything, and didn't notice it was by you until you mentioned your blog. I was like "oh, that explains it."

perfect bound said...

mediabistro is great. i love that blogging is filling up more and more of their content. will you teach next?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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