Sunday, June 29, 2008

Una Copa Para Espana!
Our Swan Song in Spain

We're wrapping up our summer vacation in Mallorca. And, we couldn't have planned it better. In addition to visiting dear friends and attending a milestone birthday party, we're staying atop a mountain in the incredible Castillo Son Vida Hotel (a 13th Century castle-turned-luxury resort).

How else would we spend our last night here than holed up in our room, ordering room service and watching the European Cup on TV?!

I am happy to report that only moments ago Spain became the European Cup Champions. It has been more than 44 years since Spain held this honor, and the whole country is alive with cheers and hollers. We can hear street parties in the town, below, and fireworks are exploding over the Mediterranean. After living in Spain for 2 1/2 years - and falling madly in love with it - I couldn't be more thrilled for Spanish soccer than if I were born on this soil.

Bravo, Espana! Tomo una copa (de vino Espanol) para ti.


Unknown said...

Nice victory over Germany ;) Viva EspaƱa!!!

40licious said...

OK, world traveler, chugger of foreign liquors. Come home LA stinks without you. Castle, schmastle, we have one in Anaheim!