Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LA Blogger Party
and Vodka's Sneaky Little Take-Over...

Last night, Alissa Walker of's blog, Unbeige, organized a soiree for LA bloggers to mix and mingle. I shared some laughs and cocktails with buddies: Joy of Pure, Unadulterated Joy fame, Ann (who regularly threatens to start a blog) and Tom "Mind Over Media" Griego, a fountain of media knowledge.

I was excited to also met some new folks, especially as I'm slowly un-earthing the LA blog scene, having started mine while living in DC. FunJoel is indeed a "nice guy," as stated on his business card (he seems to be quite fun, as well...),
Ket Lamb and I dished about the woes and wonders of freelance writing, I exchanged a few words with David Markland, City Captain of Metroblogging LA. Spencer Cross, Co-Captain of Metroblogging LA also blogs on art and has a design website. Ashley Merryman is the clever lady who co-wrote that recent article in New York Magazine about how over-praising your kids actually is bad for them. (love her for speaking a little-admitted truth!)

These lovely people (and many more that I didn't quite get to) gathered at Bar Lubitsch, in We-Ho. Decadent Russian accents play off ecclectic-artsy-Euro vibes at this hipster hangout. The back room is uber-cool, and visions of
Liquid Muse Events danced in my head upon wandering back there... When I learned Bar Lubitsch is owned / run by Sean MacPherson (El Carmen, Jones and Good Luck Bar) and Jared Meisler, former manager of Bar Marmont (all of which I have frequented for years), I understood why this funky hole in the wall charged $12 for an $8 vodka drink. Power-hitters charge power-prices. Comes with the territory.

What threw me though, was my cocktail. I liked it - enough to have two, even. Still, when I ordered the
Cucumber Gimlet, I was perplexed. I wracked my brain for a second... didn't I learn waaay back that Gimlet = Gin? This was a glass of vodka, lime, a little sugar. Where was the gin?

Yes, vodka gimlets are "done" but I would have thought that would have to be a request. When ordering a burger, isn't there an unspoken understanding that we expect beef, not chicken or pork or a vegetarian patty, unless specified? Do we now have to clarify, when ordering a gimlet (gin with lime juice) as when ordering a martini (classically made with gin) that we want gin?

Upon reflection, I began to realize that vodka is simply staging a world take over, one cocktail at a time.
What will happen when margaritas, pina coladas, caipirihnas are all made with vodka, instead of tequila, rum and cachaca? Oh wait, that's already happened... the Frozen Vodka Mango Margarita, Pineapple Martini and Caipiroska are readily available...

Anyone under 30 would balk and scoff at the idea that any "tini" could possibly be made with anything other than a variation of vodka. But, I'm here to remind y'all that variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to classic cocktails, like a gimlet.

All I'm saying, ladies and gentlemen, is that while vodka is great (and I like a lot) it is not the only spirit out there. Think outside the vanilla box and bring a little color into your lives. Try drinks made with something other than the tried-and-true. Think of it as your own little Russian Revolution.

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Fun Joel said...

Thanks for the shout out! Was so nice to meet you, and to meet a fun fellow drink-o-phile. I always thought that what made something a gimlet was the lime, not the gin, but upon further review you are correct, since with vodka it is specifically a vodka gimlet. Hmmm, makes me want to order a gimlet next time I'm out! Sort of like a cleaner margarita.

Yeah, it was a bit pricey, but not terrible if you weren't gettign specialty drinks. I had 2 Guinni (my plural of Guinness), a tanqueray and tonic, and a margarita rocks. Including tip, was $35. So yeah, more than I'd typically spend, but not like drinks at a fancy hotel bar!

We shall drink together again soon. And keep me in the loop for upcoming Liquid Muse Events.