Friday, April 24, 2009

Girl Friday Happy Hour: Fat Fish

Because A Skinny Fish Looks Suspicious!
by Kylee Van Dillen, The Liquid Muse Girl Friday

Fat Fish's happy hour menu is the perfect catch, offering delicious deals for everyone from the serious eater to casual drinker, daily 5-7pm and 10-11pm Sunday-Wednesday.

The hip lounge features candlelit couches and corner booths. The bar has a plasma TV for sports lovers, yet retains enough intimacy to still work for date night. Beer drinkers should come thirsty because a large Asahi is a steal at $5 and sake lovers reel in a carafe for $5.

Those with a fancy-and-fruity side revel in premium Saketinis (sake and fresh fruit) for around $6. We love the Mango martini shaken up with rum and fresh mango puree—a frou-frou-yet-fiesty combo. Off the sauce? Bartender Josh offers refreshing iced green tea garnished with an aromatic orange zest—super healthy and super yummy!

Small plates include traditional favorites like “Q-cumber” salad ($4) or spicy tuna tartar ($6) and the list of specialty rolls won’t leave you hungry. (All can be made with multi-grain brown rice.) The Albacore roll (Albacore tuna, green onion, cilantro, avocado and jalapeƱo) or for Philly Roll (Salmon, cream cheese and avocado) are great to share.

If your fins are feeling a little flabby, don’t worry, we won’t judge. Dive into Fat Fish during happy hour and we promise you’ll swim home happy.

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