Sunday, April 05, 2009

Eating Bacon Underground

If you missed the latest underground dining experience from Amy's Culinary Adventures, you will be sorely bummed out. When Amy first mentioned a 5-course bacon dinner, I knew I'd want to go... but would a city full of health-conscious, figure-obsessed Angelenos feel the same way? The answer was an astounding "Hell Yes!" Not only was the word-of-mouth private affair sold out... it had a waiting list 30 people long!

The secret location was disclosed only a few days before the dinner, and in this case it was a swanky penthouse apartment on the top floor of the La Fontaine building in West Hollywood. The airy, all-white space has amazing views, and a terrace (perfect for entertaining). It also happens to be available for rent. The Futas Design Group filled the space with stylish furnishings for the dinner party.

Amy teamed with Tim Coles from Grateful Palate for this dinner, as he runs the Bacon of the Month club as well as a business specializing in Australian wines. As you'll see below, each course was paired with an appropriate Ozzy vintage. Here is the menu - so you can not only eat your heart out - but also get on Amy's email list for the next one! See you there...

The Bacon Affair

Cocktail Hour: Amy's homemade bacon vodka in the "Bacon Mary" and tray-passed amuse bouche - 'Apple Wood Smoked Bacon' with goat cheese and balsamic drizzle and 'Inside Out Potato Skins' featuring a bacon cup stuffed wtih crispy potatoes, gruyere, fried onions, sour cream and chives.

Soup & Salad: 2004 Paringa Sparkling Shiraz (yes, that's bubbly red wine) alongside a bacon & blue cheese mousse napoleon upon baby spinach, avocado, tomatoes and bacon dressing. Followed by a bacon-potato-onion-cream chowder.

Entree: 2005 Boarding Pass Shiraz paired with bowtie pasta topped with carmelized onions, peas, crimini mushrooms and bacon crumbles.

Dessert: Burge Family Old Sweet Wine came with the most memorable course of the meal... candied bacon chip ice cream with chocolate covered bacon sprinkles & Plush Puffs Maple Pecan Bacon marshmallows. (Everyone wished for seconds!)

Needless to say, we were happy little piggies who went "wheee, wheee, wheee!" all the way home.


tallgirl said...

Hi N -
The link to The Grateful Palate comes up as a free domain site - not sure where the "real" site is, but just wanted you to know.
I need to get on that list!!!

Food GPS said...

Nice coverage. Wish I was at that dinner. My dad's a member of Bacon of the Month and I've been lucky enough to time to visits home to coincide with a special bacon delivery. Grateful Palate is a terrific company working to advance bacon's noble cause.

Anonymous said...

I was there!!!! I had a crush on one of the servers, lol. :) Great food!!!! Love me some bacon!!