Monday, May 22, 2006

Celebrity Sips

Bananarama's Drama

We haven’t heard much about Bananarama stateside, in nearly a decade, but don’t think that means they dropped out of the game! In 2005, Bananarama had two #1 dance hits in Europe, and their new album, Drama, is poised to make its mark on American airwaves.

The legendary punk-pop 80’s girl band has a reputation for naughtiness and a ‘fuck-the-rules’ attitude which, of course, makes them all the more delightful. To date, Bananarama boasts more hits than the Spice Girls, more albums sold than Atomic Kitten and an induction into the Guiness Book of Records as the most popular girl group since The Supremes.

Last Friday, May 19, The Liquid Muse had the pleasure of meeting up with Sara and Keren of Bananarama, in Los Angeles. (Siobhan has been out of the picture since the 90’s). The ladies were caught up in a bi-coastal whirlwind, promoting their CD featuring a collection of Ibiza-esque dance tracks.

During our interview, I asked the ladies about their favorite beverages (to share, of course, with the curious Liquid Muse community). I don’t know why I expected fruity concoctions or fancy French champagne. Bananarama is far too seasoned to be impressed with ‘what’s hot now.’ In fact, being trendsetters is what makes them classic. And, their drinks are classicly British, too.

Here are a few things I learned:

Favorite drinks? Gin and Tonic or “anything vodka-based, like a Sea Breeze”

Favorite bars in London? Sutton House, Groucho, Homehouse

Favorite way to start the day? A cup of tea and a fag.

How do they compare 80’s music with pop bands today? “Today, everyone is swamped by reality TV, and the bands are more manufactured. It’s understandable that they take the opportunities where they get them but they all end up singing songs by the same writers. Pop music has lost the individuality that the 80’s had.”

With Drama released, last week, in the US, coinciding with their avalanche of radio and TV interviews, and CD signings in NY and LA, Bananarama is back!

(And, the CD is a super summer must-have. The electro, trance and disco vibes in shakin' songs such as "Move in My Direction" and "Look on the Floor" will be a staple in your car, ipod or beach house cabana. The tunes are damn catchy - don't say I didn't warn you...)

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