Thursday, May 18, 2006

Limoncello is a refreshing Italian lemon liqueur, wonderful for summer entertaining.

A Lemoncello cocktail is a lovely way to end the day and transition into a relaxing evening of 'al fresco' dining. Or, sipping a small glass to Lemoncello, at the end of a meal, is a tasty 'digestif.'

The recipe below, using Caravella Limoncello, just screams sweet relief on a hot, summer afternoon!

Caravella Citrus Tea-Ni
2 cups water
2 Madagascar vanilla rooibos tea bags
1 tsp. candied ginger
1/2 oz. Caravella Limoncello
1 oz. orange-flavored rum
Crushed ice

Brew tea using two tea bags and 2 cups boiling water. While hot, pour tea into a container, add ginger. Let infuse for at least one hour. Add rum, limoncello, shake with ice and strain nto a martini glass.


Doctor No said...


I love limoncello, which is most popular in the Amalfi Coast of Italy, an area dotted with lemon trees, but the commercial products tend to be syrupy sweet and have little of the blissful aromaticity of a fresh limoncello. A few places I know in New York make it themselves, most notably Mario Batali's restaurants Babbo and Esca, and it's a thousand times better.

My recipe for limoncello (with thanks to Katie Loeb from eGullet, from whom this recipe originated):

12 lemons
1.5 L neutral vodka, 100 proof
750ml simple syrup

Using a peeler, grater or microplane (the latter is recommended), peel the 12 lemons. Katie Loeb recommends adding one lime for additional flavor - this is optional.

Place the peelings into a very clean airtight container and add 750 mL of 100 proof vodka. Seal, agitate, and let sit in a cool place, shaking every day or so, for two weeks.

Strain the peelings out of the infusion and blend with simple syrup and the remaining vodka in a 1:1:1 ratio approximately. This is done to taste, so if you like a stronger flavor, only use half of the second vodka, and you can vary the amount and concentration of the simple syrup.

1) The vodka should be as neutral as possible. Avoid Russian vodka's, as they carry a much more strong flavor than most scandinavian vodkas. You must really use 100 proof for this as well, though if you want a lighter drink, blend it down with 80 proof vodka to taste.

2) When you're done with the peeled lemons, make some fresh sour mix with a 1:1 ratio of lemon juice to simple syrup.

3) To make simple syrup, just bring to a boil in a saucepan 1 cup sugar for every one cup water. A nice variation is to use demerara or unrefined sugar for a stronger sugar cane taste.

N. said...

Hey - super! Thanks for the recipe. And, if you want to be featured as a Sipster Submission, please send any recipe you love, and a photo, and I'll post you on The Liquid Muse!

The Senator said...

I found a guy, Fulvio, who owns a quaint Italian restaurant in Hollywood, Florida--properly called "Fulvio's"--who makes his own Lemoncello. His is cream-based, using grain alcohol, and tastes like a lemon-milkshake. Two of those and your night is over.

But, damn they are good.