Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Personality Profile - Out Of The Closet

I met Margaret Lilly at her launch party, earlier this summer, in DC. It was an intimate, stylish affair centered around a fashion show featuring her six lovely sisters. Her hunky hubby passed hors d’oeuvres while her brother-in-law and dad kept the bubbly flowing. The event reflected Margaret herself – upscale yet unpretentious – and utterly charming.

Margaret says she became aware of personal style at an early age. “When I was old enough to know what fashion was, I knew I wanted to work in it.” Margaret’s silings have varying personalities and lifestyles. She took it upon herself to guide each one’s wardrobe to reflect their individuality.

Eventually, she turned her passion into a business. Lilly’s Closet took off like wildfire this summer after her write up in Daily Candy DC. Recently, she teamed up with DC’s Kimpton hotels to create Diva Weekends. Fun!

A Silver Spring native, Margaret recently returned to Washington (after several years in California) with a goal: to guide Washingtoniennes in finding a new look or updating their current one. Sensing a shift in fashion-consciousness among women in the DC-area she notes, “Suddenly there is a fashion re-birth in Washington. People want to spice up their wardrobes.”

Margaret’s personalized style packages (in your home) range from basic ‘closet editing’ to an all-day, in-depth one-on-one workshop, resulting in a “look book,” polaroids of outfits (to recreate alone) and even an accompanied shopping trip! She has something for everyone saying, "
“I’m so enthusiastic about dressing people that my style packages accommodate people with varying incomes.” Now, that's a service with style!

What are this style-Divas favorite drinks? Sparkling cocktails tickle her fancy.

And, where does she drink them? Well, let’s just say Margaret and I put down a few at Topaz…

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