Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cielo Tequila
and the Heavenly Margarita

The first thing I do when I sample a new spirit is sip it straight. I want to know what it tastes like before it gets mixed up with other flavors. After all, every ingredient counts!

Cielo Tequila is a smooth sipper - up or over ice. I always prefer to sip anejo (aged) tequila straight - no mixers - as it is robust in taste, color and "pow" factor. I was not disappointed with Cielo's version. A tiny squirt of fresh lime - and it was perfect. To make cocktails, I go for the silver or slightly aged reposado tequilas.

I am in Tucson at the moment, so the hankering for a margarita was upon me. I never touch pre-mixed 'sweet and sour' from a bottle. (Please folks - life is too short...fresh lime juice only!) I found my way to a supermarket and picked up a big bag, then settled in to marvel at
the fire-red, orange and pink Arizona sunset...

Here is a refreshing recipe I came up with for that spectacular event!

Cielo Heavenly Margarita
1 oz. Cielo reposado tequila
1 oz. freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
1 freshly squeezed lime
1 tsp. organic sugar

Salt the glass rims (if desired). Shake Cielo tequila, juices, sugar and ice. Strain and serve up in a martini glass or over ice in a rocks glass.

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