Friday, October 20, 2006

On Fire in Tucson!

I’m spending a few peaceful months in the gorgeous foothills of Tucson working on my cocktail book. However, just because I’m holed up (slaving over recipes and wordsmithing) don’t think I’ve become a hermit. This town has a lot to offer… and I’ve only just begun!!

Tucson may be known for notoriously HOT summers but, trust me, you’ll stay warm year ‘round judging by some of the fiery cocktails featured in local restaurants. Here is the first of my spicy extravaganza!

Firecracker serves Pan Asian influenced cuisine in a lively atmosphere. Their cocktail list has all the usual suspects with an unexpected flight of sake (which I thought was a novel idea). But, when our server, Matt, suggested the Chilitini, I knew I couldn’t resist.

2 oz. Tanqueray gin
1/2 oz. dry vermouth
3 drops tabasco
freshly squeezed lime juice

Mix, shake, serve, feel the burn!

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