Monday, January 08, 2007

Sipster Submission

This post is part Celebrity Sips and part Sipster Submission. Sipster, Kristin Mendes, of Frisco, Texas sent in this fun story of the Toni Braxton concert - and themed cocktail - she experienced on a recent trip to Las Vegas. She says:

“I went to the Toni Braxton ‘Revealed’ concert in Vegas, at Harrah's. It was really great! The sexy girl and guy dancers made it even better… very provocative.

My favorite part wa
s when she sang “Unbreak my Heart” (which, by the way, got voted “worst breakup song ever.”) Toni even poked fun at it with a running commentary, which was hilarious. “How can you un-break someone's heart? etc." Meanwhile, I was singing so loudly that the woman in front of me turned around! I don't know if the Toni-tini's were talking, or my love of the song, but it was a memorable moment for me.

One thing I know is that the audience was truly touched by Toni Braxton, and felt a connection. Even the woman whose ear I was singing in sweetly said “goodbye” to me at the end of the show.

We loved the part where she tells how she got her start. Babyface discovered her singing as she was putting gas in her car and told her to come sing for him. The story even came with pictures (you know, eighties hair…) She is much prettier now! (as we all are, hopefully!) Anyway, try this drink - it's awesome!!”

(Courtesy of Harrah's, Las Vegas)
1 1/2 parts Absolut Ruby Red Vodka,
3/4 parts X-Rated passion fruit Liqueur,
3/4 parts Sence Rose Nectar,
1/2 parts Amoretti Pomegranate Syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice, and enjoy.

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The Girls said...

wow that's so cool, i love toni braxton. i hope i can check her out in concert one day soon.