Monday, December 08, 2008

Cozy Brews for the Holiday Season

Every once in a while, even I – an ardent cocktail lover - need a break from the fancy stuff and want to cuddle up to a brewski. I’m sure there are beer aficionados who may protest but I really enjoy the seasonal beers. For example, I sincerely like the taste of the pumpkin ales and harvest beers. And, I was really excited about this Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale!

When poured into a tulip glass, it has a deep amber hue and tastes of caramelized vanilla (perhaps due to the infusion of vanilla beans while being aged used bourbon oak barrels). Its rich flavor is smooth on the tongue, and it pairs fabulously with a hot, melty fondue! It is the kind of beer that, though drunk cold, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, especially next to roaring fire (exactly where I’ll be over Christmas). Forget cookies and milk. I’m leaving one of these for Santa!

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