Friday, December 19, 2008

FYI - This is NOT Mixology...

Pursuant to my recent post regaling mixology and what it is, I got this pitch from a PR person, which is the perfect of what mixology is NOT.

Just for shits and giggles, read this recipe, gross out, laugh your ass off, then read the pitch which hails the creator of this drink as a "mixologist," laugh some more. Then sigh. This is why so many people still don't get the difference between a hack slinging schlock and a mixologist. Muddling an orange does not make this a balanced cocktail by any stretch of the imagination. I have nothing against this tequila brand - but having nothing but it and peach schnapps... what self-respecting "mixologist" would serve this with a straight face? And charge $38 for it? Are you out of your freakin' mind? Without further ado:

muddle four slices of orange in a Boston shaker add two ounces Patron Platinum Tequila and 3/4 oz peach schnapps
served up in a double martini glass (chilled)

The PR Pitch for the "sexiest cocktails in the world" ha ha (and I quote): "This cocktail is collaboration between Bruno Jamais and Sommelier Benjamin Maury. Bruno wanted a signature cocktail using his favorite liquor, Patron Platinum. He wanted something strong yet smooth. Bruno liked the way orange flavor is often used to complement tequila using liqueurs such as Cointreau or triple sec but to refine the taste Maury suggested that they use fresh orange instead. The peach schnapps were then added, blending perfectly with the orange while adding a hint of sweetness. Initially this drink was to be served in a glass over crushed ice following the tradition of the Caipirinha but in keeping true to New York style they decided serve it up. Thus, creating the "Platinum Bruno's Martini.""

Yeah, I know. Now that you've laughed, cried, and pulled your jaw off the floor from the audacity of such B.S., go out and make yourself a true cocktail. Or better yet, find yourself a real mixologist to make one for you. xo The Liquid Muse

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