Friday, February 20, 2009

'Blow Me Up, Tom' Blows Up

Love him or hate him, Tom Leykis is one of those radio personalities who leaves you talking. His show gives advice to men, largely centered around the following topics:

- Don’t get married

- Don’t commit to one woman
- Don’t take a woman out on expensive dates to get laid
- Feel free to try to manipulate women at every opportunity

These are the hallmarks of the Tom Leykis show and the reasons women call him a misogynist, some men call him “dad” (I know, kinda weird but they do look to him as the man with all the hard-and-true advice, like the father figure those lost souls wish they had.)

Thanks to my friend Adam The Wine Guy, and to Tom’s producer Gary Zabaranski, I have been a guest once on his nationally syndicated daily drive home talk show “Blow Me Up, Tom” (not really my audience) and several times on his other weekend show called “The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis.” Tom has always been very courteous and kind to me. He plugs my website and book like crazy. (This could possibly endear me to an ax murderer more than likely, but I digress…)

Most people base their opinion of Leykis off of his (now defunct) daily show which, granted, is very male based and somewhat sexist. While the bulk multitude of Blow Me Up’s listeners are dumb-ass buffoons who actually take all the dating tips seriously, Tom dishes out some hard-core life lessons, as well. He gives advice how to get out of debt, he encourages condom use and he is a no-nonsense-take responsibility-for-yourself kind of fellow. I like that, and have found myself nodding in agreement on many-a-drive along the 101 Fwy with the radio tuned 97.1.

As far as that ridiculous dating advice is concerned, I also think that if a woman has such little self worth that she’d date a guy who treats her like crap… well, she should probably start looking within and figure out why she’d choose losers to begin with…

The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis – the weekend show – shows a different side of the radio host’s personality. The side that appreciates fine wine, fancy cigars, good bourbon and tequilas – and even great cocktails. Just like reality TV, radio jockeys are public figures who play a role to talk to their target audience. And judging by the millions of people who listen to Tom Leykis, he has a big one.

97.1 changed its format today from all-talk, all day to yet another bubble gum sell out playing the same 40 or 50 songs we hear everywhere else. Yawn. With 103.1 recently going off the air, too, I pose the question – how can a city like L.A. the “center of the entertainment universe” have such crappy, bland, one-dimensional, sell-out radio stations – and take away the only ones with something interesting to listen to. These days, all I want to blow up is my radio.


anthony said...

That is the only reason I signed up for satellite radio.

Ken said...

I was looking around online for comments about the KLSX format switch, and found your blog.

Thanks for your insights and intelligent commentary.

While I listened to Leykis a lot, I was not a "student" for varaious reasons - including the fact that I wanted children and wanted to raise them in the best environment possible (marriage). Leykis' dating advice and social commentary were certainly not geared towards marriage-and-family-minded people, and he made no secret of that.

I did think he made a lot of sense, especially someone who had the same goals and personal convictions that he did - atheism, not wanting to be a parent, affluence, etc.

It was nice to hear a voice that stood up for men (even if I didn't always agree with him), masculinity, and letting men know how to avoid getting into a relationship with a troubled woman.

There is a segment of the female population out there that makes his advice work, unfortunately.

Again, thanks for a thoughtful posting. said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for your comments. And, Ken, I totally hear you on not agreeing with much of Tom's dating advice. I am a woman, married, not a gold-digger, and want children. Many women just "click off" when they hear him spew his sensationalistic jargon about women.

However, he has the right to his point of view, and women like me would not date the kind of guys who share it. That's ok.

The thing is that some of Tom's other points of view are 100% on target. His no-nonsense advice on money, debt, etc. are good because he is largely talking to a younger male audience, and they need some "solid" advice. And, I suspect that once these guys get a bit older and fall in love with a woman,there is nothing Tom can say to change their minds...

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