Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sipster Submission - Skittles(R) Vodka

Every once in a while, I deviate from "high-end" mixology to bring you something just plain fun. I'm particularly prone to doing this if it comes from one of YOU! A sipster submission means that you are taking the time to send in something you find interesting... so that means more of you out there in cocktail-loving-land might find it a good read, too.

This Sipster Submission comes from Ben G. in Los Angeles. He came across these directions to infuse vodka with skittles candy. I personally suggest that this "candied vodka" only be used in the same proportions you would use a liqueur (about 3/4 of an ounce, tops). And, for crissakes, don't as 7-up as suggested in this post. I'd be inclined to shake it with an ounce of plain vodka, and a swirl of cream, maybe... or use it to make jello shots.

At the end of the day, bringing whimsy to alcoholic beverages never hurt anybody. Drinking is fun, remember?

*photo and skittles(R) vodka come from Mix That Drink

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PRJack said...

Wow! very cool. Hmmm... makes me wonder about Jelly Bellys!

My father was a connoisseur of fine drinks but was never able to master the art of infusing - something his friends did. Being of Polish origin Vodka was a staple. I think his 'worst experiment' was when he decide that since he liked figs so much he would make fig infused vodka. However, rather than using regular Vodka he used "Spyrytus" - pure spirits (90% - not proof - alcohol). All that did, of course was to preserve the figs, and over time blanche them. The silver lining was that when I would have friends over and they'd start ogling his collection of drinks I'd haul the jug of fig infused vodka out... and much to the horror of everyone the figs look rather, er, well, 'anatomical'! Pretty much guaranteed that nobody ventured behind my dad's bar!
Na Zdrowje!