Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Celebrity Sips - From Rio to Saigon

South American culture has been taking the U.S. by storm for a while, now. Whether Snoop and Farrell are singing about the ‘beautiful’ women in Rio, or celebrities on Dancing With the Stars proudly prance the Argentinian Tango - we love to take in all that’s spicy and Latin!

Cachaca (sugar cane liqueur, the main ingredient in a Caipirinha) is now offered upscale drinking venues across the U.S., and American bartenders are learning to put a little shimmy in their shaking.

I first read about Cabana Cachaca in an article in last month’s Departure Magazine. And, then it started popping up in the hands of celebrities, all over the place - like rapper, Saigon, for example. Maybe its time to put a little spice in your life.

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