Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dirty Girls Come Clean in Seattle!

Have you heard of a Method Maven? Well, I'm about to meet a whole gaggle of them!

The Method Mavens are dedicated to eco-friendly ways of raising their families. They promote a sustainable lifestyle via their blogs and their purchases... all the way down to how they clean their homes.

Method Home
(cleaning products) has hired me to teach The Liquid Muse "Sustainable Sips" Organic Cocktail Class in Seattle during their month-long eco event. I will be showing the Method Mavens, and their friends, how to incorporate sustainable / organic products into their cocktails! (Eat organic, drink organic, I say!)

The original cocktail recipes I've created for these classes reflect ingredients in the Method products. Cucumber, grapefruit, mint, almond are highlighted. And, I'm using some of my favorite organic wines and spirits: Bonterra chardonnay, Can Vendrell cava, Casal dos Jordoes port, Square One Organic vodka and Fever Tree bitter lemon as a mixer.

As the ladies enter the house, they're instructed to "turn in" their toxic home cleaners, in exchange for Method's eco-friendly products. While at the house, they're treated to a series of sustainable classes and seminars. In addition to The Liquid Muse "Sustainable Sips", there will be organic cooking classes and other fun activities with Danny Seo (often called the "Organic Martha Stewart").

I look forward to meeting these go-getter ladies who have been selected by Method to represent a stylish and sustainable approach to life. Let's face it, we all have to "come clean" sometime...


Anonymous said...

that's awesome.

Green Republican said...

That was so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed your cocktails and the party was wonderful. I can't wait to make the mojito! That was my favorite! :)

Where can I get that lemon spritzer?