Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sipster Submission
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This is why I love my readers - you are so much fun! Erin Muir, a sipster from Los Angeles, has this to share…

“I was bartending at a club in Naples that I don't think exists anymore.... and somebody requested a new cocktail. I was coming up with all sorts of fru-fru martinis at the time (it was 2002- 03 and it was all about flirtinis and cosmos).
I decided this one would be the Sextini because it was so creamy and delicious…

Cue: dim lights, Barry White croons in the background…

2 oz stoli vanil

2 oz baileys

1 oz amaretto

Shake and serve up. It's nice to float a few thin shears of ice along the top, and dust it with something like- cinnamon, for example, if you're feeling a little spicy....”

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