Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wine N Yu

Tuesday was recently declared the new Thursday. Well, last night, Wednesday was the new Tuesday as the Silk
Road wound its way through Georgetown. Celebrating its 3-year anniversary and the launch of its new wine-list-cum-magazine, Mie N Yu put on quite the bash!

It all started with the invitation. A couple of weeks ago, a wooden box arrived in the mail. Inside, nestled on a bed of straw sat a small scroll upon which the party and RSVP details were printed. Of course, that got me excited from the get-go. (I’m a sucker for creative presentation…)

Exotic dancers, a “living Buddha”, belly dancer and live drummer - plus a few hundred who’s whos - celebrated against a Moroccan marketplace-inspired backdrop. Already a gorgeous space with much attention to detail, the Zanzibar theme pushed the atmosphere above the usual high-mark. Manager, David Troust, explains, “We wanted to re-introduce people to the restaurant, and show the amazing events we can do here.”

The party also provided guests with a first look at the anticipated Wine N Yu, designed to help people feel comfortable pairing wine and food, while presenting the wine list in an innovative way. Troust explains, “We don’t conform to any guidelines, here.”

Initially dreamed up by General Manager, Oren Molovinsky, Wine N Yu (a 12 page take-home wine publication) blends the talents of the management team. Bar Manager (and personality about town) Saeed Bennani, designed the Wine Spectator award-winning wine list. He also creates many of the popular bar’s tasty cocktails and is currently preparing to do his sommelier certification.

Wine N Yu will be a monthly publication featuring 300+ wines including: sake, specialty beers, half-bottles, wines by the glass and champagne. It includes maps of wine regions, pairing guidelines, a calendar of monthly tastings at the restaurant, featured recipes and articles by Jennifer Rozen, who won a James Beard award for wine-writing.

In addition to sampling from the piles of yummy appetizers, I tried an interesting sparkling Shiraz. I must have forgotten that I love Italy’s Lambrusco. I used to drink it a lot when I lived in Europe - but have not had a bubbly red in years! This flavorful Australian version is worth a trip to Mie N Yu, just to sample.

The cocktails were delightful, too. The Kyma (aka: Mediterranean) highlights a gummy fish swimming in the bottom of the glass. I quite liked the French Kiss, too. And, I had a white chocolate concoction for dessert. Yes, decadent, indeed.

Heading to Mie N Yu after work? Try this tart and tasty drink.

2 oz. Citadel gin
2 oz. Sake
1/2 oz. Midori
1/2 oz. Sour mix

Keep in mind that Mie N Yu’s d├ęcor, and many rooms, make it fantastic for private events and personalized tastings, I definitely see a Liquid Muse party there, in the future…

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*All photos in this post are courtesy of
Moshe Zusman


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