Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Like Miss Universe, But Better!

Continued Coverage of the International Vodka Cup Cocktail Competition...

It was better than Miss Universe for me, anyway. Firstly the contestants were mostly men (though I must give a 'shout out' to the few kick-a** women bartenders in the group) and all were making cocktails. Hellooo...?

Finally, here is a list of those 22 bartenders who beat out the competition in their own countries, and won a trip to the Ice Hotel in Finland, to vie for the ultimate placement as world champion. Each created 3 cocktails that wowed judges enough to get them this far... (I'd say they deserve a toast!)

Hoath Zsolt – Hungary, Costin Gache – Romania, Massimo Goacchini – Italy, Steffan Lohr – Germany, Paul Lambert – Ireland, Joost Dikmans – Netherlands, Martin Manov – Bulgaria, Leszek Kraszewski – Poland, Cesar Hernandez – Mexico, Arnaldo Hernandez Semidy – Puerto Rico, Shay Coren – Israel, Harri Tormanen – Finland, Giorgos Petris – Greece, David Cordoba – England, Francisco Antonia – El Salvador, Branislav Kunik – Serbia, Gurkam Gumus – Turkey, Olga Markevich – Russia, Aaron Specht – USA, Chris Harrop – New Zealand, Malinchev Vladimir – Ukraine, Mathew Hewitt – Australia

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Ahem, where are the recipes?