Sunday, February 11, 2007

When the Valet Farts in Your Car...

What would you do?

Had it happen last night. Very awkward. He pulled my car up, took the money from my hand, grinning all the while. We got in - Kelly, Sue, George and I - and we nearly jumped back out! The most vile, putrid odor filled the car... (And, I know it wasn't one of us. We know each other well enough that we would have admitted it...)

I've never had a valet fart in my car before. What is the appropriate protocol? Take back the tip? Say something? I imagine it wasn't intentional so I didn't want to be too mean... but it was nasty. Does the Valet Training Guide outline that this is not appropriate behavior?

So, do you:
a) just pretend nothing happened and pull away from the curb?
b) act like an A-Hole and shame the valet?
c) complain to someone about it?
d) just roll down the windows and drive down Sunset Blvd. practically puking up the Thai food and beer you just enjoyed moments before...?

Really, just in case it happens again... I want to be prepared! What would you do?


Anonymous said...

that is so funny! you made me laugh out loud! personally, I would have made a comment to the Valet...something like 'ooh there's a strange smell in my you know what it is'..just to make him a little embarassed. (and maybe next time you go to the resto- get the same attendant & let ONE out before you step out!;))

DC Celine said...

wow. that's hilarious. i definitely would've said something, and straight up, not backhandedly.