Sunday, February 24, 2008

Members-Only Clubs Hit Los Angeles

Drinking at the “In” Spots Just Got A Whole Lot More Expensive

Like cocktail trends, bar and nightclubs trends are hopping the pond from London to New York to California. You may recall my recent post heralding the opening of The Doheny downtown. The members-only watering hole doesn’t list its address - I was sworn to secrecy by Manager Aidan Demarest and Owner Cedd Moses when I took a sneak peek over a lovely sparkling cocktail during its first days, a couple of weeks ago. (By now you can probably find the address online but don’t bother going to too much trouble unless you’ve got upwards of $4000 laying around for membership dues.)

To me, one of the best things about The Doheny is that it doesn’t cater to the stumbling “celebutard” gang. Britney and crew are not courted, and most likey, not allowed. The intimate drinking club’s concept is a bit more grown up and high-brow, which is refreshing because, frankly, this town could use a little sophistication.

Simultaneous with The Doheny’s christening, London’s SoHo House has temporarily set up shop on the Sunset strip in Hollywood during Oscar Week. (In addition to revving up to the Academy Awards, it was also the site of Drew Barrymore’s birthday party.) There is a permanent SoHo House in New York City, which caters to the Entertainment crowd rather than the financial district money wizards, according to the LA Times article by Monica Corcoran, today. I have to mirror her wondering if celebs and other VIP’s – especially in Los Angeles – who are not used to paying for drinks will cough up for memberships.

I’d say the the jury is still out to see how this trend will take hold in La-La-Land. And, in the meantime, I’ll be dropping extra pennies into my piggy bank...

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