Monday, February 04, 2008

Orange Ya Glad I Love Ya!

Tickle the tastebuds of your beloved with a healthy heaping of citrus. Ok, it may have more citrus flavor than actual vitamins… but who cares? It’s delicious.

I’m such a fan of Gran Gala Triple Orange Liqueur (made with VSOP brandy) that I almost never buy Triple Sec anymore. It has been relegated to situations where I’m making a pitcher of margaritas for a group of people who wouldn’t notice the difference, and only if I were using a run-of-the-mill tequila. (I would, however, throw in a little extra freshly squeezed lime juice in that circumstance to add a little extra integrity to the drink…)

However, if I were making a martini-style orange cocktail for my honey on Valentine’s Day, I would reach for the good stuff and grab the Gran Gala. I was recently sent this recipe – which I plan to make tonight. Why don’t you make one, too, and we’ll have ourselves an early Valentine's Day cyber-lovefest!

Cupid’s Potion

2 oz orange-flavored vodka
1⁄2 oz GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur

1⁄2 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 oz Fresh Blood Orange Juice

Blood Orange Slice for Garnish

Pour vodka, liqueur, lime juice and blood orange juice in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with slice of blood orange.

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prophet said...

I´m new in this cocktails art. I will try it in a near future.