Monday, February 04, 2008

Playing the Classics…

I recently bought a lovely little 1934 cocktail book called “Burke’s Complete Cocktail & Drinking Recipes.” It put me back more than $60… but frankly, for an original book printed 80 years ago, I thought I got a bargain. (Then again, I think I get a bargain if I find Steve Maddens for under $100…)

Meanwhile, I've been collecting antique cocktail glasses to use in the various photo shoots for my upcoming cocktail book. So... tonight I brought these elements together and made my first experiment from the book!

I may not have done it 100% correctly. The recipe called for “French vermouth” and I used Italian Martini & Rossi extra dry vermouth. And, I used a pretty flavorful Bombay Sapphire gin. I also used Lucid Absinthe, which many pooh-pooh as not real absinthe.

Anyway, I gave this recipe a whirl and the one thing I really like that about classic cocktails is that they are not overly sweet dessert drinks like far too many “tini” drinks these days!

This is the one I made, straight from the book. Try it at home and tell me what you think:

Turf Cocktail No. 1

1 part Gin Absinthe
3 dashes
1 part French Vermouth

Stir. Strain and serve with a Lemon Twist.


Washington Cube said...

I was just reading somewhere that the older cocktails were NOT as sweet as contemporary versions. A friend had turned me on to an old cocktail book from the 1930's that she had inherited from a relative (I got mine on Amazon used), and I found some fascinating things, including an obsessive use of Creme Yvette aka Creme de Violette.

I've created my cocktail for this week in honor of Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rat(fink). And's sweet, but pretty and red for good luck.

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prophet said...

It was sure a bargain!