Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ask The Liquid Muse

I haven’t posted readers’ questions for a while (but I do love getting them – so ask away!) but this one was a bit unusual, and very compelling. I asked Tina permission to post her question. I’ve become a member of her fan club.

Hello Natalie,

I lost my husband to cancer last June. I met a FUN group of women aged 44-70+ and we are ready to get together and have our first "Dead Husbands Club" meeting! It’s a chance to share stories, names of plumbers etc! I plan on hosting the cocktail party and am looking for a signature cocktail to serve. Any suggestions?

Obviously, one cocktail sprang immediately to my mind… but I didn’t want to be macabre or insensitive:

Hi Tina,

Thank you for your note. And, I am sorry for your loss. At the same time, I admire your 'onto the next chapter of life' attitude. You are obviously a strong lady.

There are quite a few cocktails I can recommend to you... and I am going to take a big risk here... so please don't be offended. And, I apologize in advance if this sounds insensitive in any way…

You mentioned throwing a 'Dead Husbands Club' party. Given the lighthearted approach to your party - have you considered an old classic cocktail called the ‘Corpse Reviver?' Here is the recipe... it is quite delicious AND it calls for absinthe, which became legal again, last year. Very chic.

Corpse Reviver
1 ounce gin
3/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 ounce Cointreau
1 ounce Lillet blanc
splash of absinthe

Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry (I prefer jarred cherries used for baking or brandied cherries over maraschino cherries).

I hope this is of help - and I wish you a wonderful celebration of life and supportive friends! Natalie"

Luckily, Tina responded positively and sent a photo of Paul for me to post with this question. In her words:

“I know my husband would have appreciated the humor and the camaraderie we all share. He LOVED a good party! I am attaching a silly photo of Paul and me at one of our parties and one of Paul in his studio. He was a talented artist. I will forward a photo of the ladies from the Dead Husbands Club in September.”

That is one event I am looking forward to writing a follow-up post about!

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