Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Bitters!

Fee Brothers Introduces Rhubarb Bitters

Obviously, I could barely contain my excitement when I saw Joe Fee walking around Tales of the Cocktail - in his khakis and hat - with a bottle of new bitters peeking out of his pocket. Any of us who are dedicated to taking a classic approach to 'the cocktail' (which by definition includes bitters) and giving said cocktail a slightly modern / original twist would jump for joy at a new product.

And... here it is... Rhubarb bitters!!

Although Rhubarb will be lur-ve-ly in Autumn cocktails - maybe with a little pumpkin, whiskey and maple syrup (my new Thanksgiving cocktail), it is also great for the end of summer! Mixed with fresh citrus juices, maybe some shochu -- I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.

Barkeeper in L.A. is our mecca of high-end bar goods and classes. Joe Keeper carries all Fee's Brothers products, and, of course, it is available online. Be ahead of the game and become well-versed in rhubarb bitters before all the hot-shot bartenders get it in drinks for their Fall menus!

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