Monday, August 04, 2008


Playful High Tech Eatery Flirts With Hollywood

We have become accustomed to the digitalized specification of ordering what we want online. Be it dating, searching for a new job or building a social network – we use the computer screen as the porthole to getting what we want. So, what about eating?

Located on the top floor at Hollywood & Highland, uWink’s D.I.Y. ordering system puts the power of picking your meal right in front of your eyes, bypassing the need to wait for a server. And, it is fun! You touch the screen, scroll through the choices and a few minutes later, someone delivers it to you.

In addition to using uWink’s technology for drinks and grub, guests can play individual or group games at the terminal on their table. They can also participate in restaurant-wide trivia games, word games – even Truth or Dare - conducted on large flat screens around the venue, encouraging lively inter-activity between diners.

The food is straightforward American fare ranging from BBQ Bacon Burger to salads to seafood and pasta. There are mounds of popular appetizers and desserts for sharing, and specialty cocktails such as a tasty Razzberry Mojito. Accessible and fun, uWink is equally suitable for families and young professionals.

uWink’s founder, Nolan Bushnell, is the brain behind both the Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese. His proven track record demonstrates an innate talent for both digital entertainment and mass appeal restaurants. uWink brings both together and puts the power of technology into your hungry hands!

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