Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ask The Liquid Muse... Calvados in DC?

Fellow blogger, Shawn Cox of Rejiggered made this inquiry:

"Any intel on where to buy calvados in DC? The Virginia ABC stores I've visited appear to be conscientious objectors."

As I have no great answer for this one, I am opening it up to The Liquid Muse Community. Any ideas? Comment below!

**Update: Sipster, Brian Corcoran suggests this place. Thanks, Brian!**


Aileen Bordman said...

ah Calvados,Normandy..apples in the valley...maybe why Monet painted the way he did..!!!

Shawn said...

Thanks so much for posting my question. I got intrigued by Calvados when I read Liquor by Poppy Brite. Now I am dying to get my hands on it for some devlish experiments.

Anonymous said...

The spirits store on P Street near Whole Foods. They have 2 types, including Bushnell.