Tuesday, April 03, 2007

X Bar Marks the Power Spot

Century City Goes Hollywood...

The only thing more important than schmoozing, in Hollywood, is having the right setting in which to do it. Happily for recent Century City arrivals such as CAA, ICM and United Artists, Avenue of the Stars is finally living up to its name. A stone’s throw from Beverly Hills and around the corner from Fox Studios, Agents, Movie Execs, Starlets and hunky Leading Men have a new casual-yet-refined “second office.”

Whether sharing story lines at the bar or snuggling in a comfy booth, X Bar’s stylish ambiance, “x-otic” cocktails and eclectic small plates draw in LA residents looking for fun and Power Hitters, alike.

When I went to the preview party, I was enchanted by the lavender-rosemary margarita. It had aroma and flavor without being too sugary… which, to me, makes for a perfectly balanced drink. The passed appetizers ranged from the standard ahi tartare to a decadent crab dip. Though, to give a proper opinion on the food, I’ll have to go back and try an actual dish. (Oh darn, twist my arm…)

X Bar’s concept began during the remodeling. The architects at Gensler found an
enormous steel 'X' to be integral to the building's foundation. Rather than work against the organic structure of the building, it became the heart of the design. Furthermore, the d├ęcor “brings the outside in, and the inside out” highlighting four natural elements: earth, fire, water and plant life. Inside, wood and flowers blend with finely upholstered furniture. Outside the fire pit makes a dramatic patio centerpiece, and the screening wall reflects celluloid images before the twinkling Angeleno skyline.

Nestled into the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, X Bar should definitely be put on your happy hour hot list. A great place to unwind after work, or a super spot for a drink before a show, you may decide to hang around until curtain call… or last call. Or, even until you see your own name in lights…

Xotic Cocktail
Absolut Ruby Red Grapefuit Vodka
Stirring's Tangerine Extract
Freshly-Squeezed Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Garnished with a Blood Orange and Sugar Cane

Grapefruit Sake Sipper
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
Edible Flower as garnish


Anonymous said...

Natalie, Why don't we go here instead for one of our Blog/Zine meetings?

This looks and sounds delightful. I'm not sure next Tuesday is going to work and we can always switch to a Sunday for this venue.

What say you?

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