Tuesday, April 17, 2007

TLM Globe TreKKs in Downtown LA

Recipe for a Globe TreKK Cocktail:

One part fashion show
One part art show
One part hipster scene
Three parts underground cool
Shake vigorously, with ice. Pour into warehouse/loft art space. Top with Hennessey. Serve on the rocks, in downtown LA.

When I arrived, I wasn’t quite sure what I was walking into. I knew Hennessey had something to do with the event. As The Liquid Muse, of course, anything spirit-related piques my curiosity.

I usually arrive early, at events, so I can peruse the space and get a feel for what’s to come.

This one threw me a little, at first, because there was so much going on. The first thing I noticed as I entered Marvimon (a mind boggling live-in, garage-turned-art-space) was the special edition Volkswagen Eos convertible on display. I wondered what the heck a car had to do with a fashion show but it is
such a sweeeet little sporty thing that I decided not to over analyze it, and just drool on it, a little.

Behind the VW, at one end of the exposed-brick hall, a wall-sized video installation flashed intriguing images. Paintings lined the three-walled room. A band warmed up in the corner.

While there was little-to-no thought put into hors d’oeuvres (which are usually a good idea when liquor is free and flowing) there were colorful cupcakes trees, which added a festive touch to the ambiance.

Overall, I was intrigued by what the evening may hold.

Meanwhile, I headed to the bar, where the Hennessey bottles were lined up like works of art, themselves! The bartenders were adorable and fun, which is always a plus, in my book… although their “cocktail” suggestions, left me cold (Hennessey and Coke? C’mon, folks, let’s get a bit more creative than that!) Taking a quick glance at what was available, I created my own ‘signature cocktail’ for the evening: Henn, with a splash of Grand Marnier, a squeeze of lemon and topped with ginger ale. Quite pleased with my spur-of-the-moment creation, I sipped down a couple of them as the Globe TreKK attendees slowly filed in.

Now, this is where the evening really became interesting. LA is known to be a fashionable place but, let’s be honest. Most people here pick up a gossip or fashion mag, and copy what the celebrities are wearing. What moved me at Globe TreKK was the creativity expressed in the crowd’s ensembles. They were not the run-of-the-mill LA fashionistas but smacked of New York, London, Paris. Edgy and slightly off-center, the hair styles, color combos, short shorts and punky throwbacks all blended into one slick crowd.

I don’t claim to be a fashion maven, myself but I know ‘hot’ when I see it (and NOT in the Paris Hilton way).

Anticipation built, the place became elbow-to-elbow and soon, the energy hit its crescendo as the models finally filed out (and continued to do so intermittently throughout the evening) down the make-shift runway. Sexy little numbers from Xe, Fremont, Nikolaki, JP Dawn, Erudite, Smoke and Mirrors, Maria, and FNA were strutted out on funky models. Nick Verreos from Season Two of Project Runway hosted the show. The event also celebrated Sirens & Sailors 6th anniversary and was co-produced by Sun in Leo.

All in all, I’d call Globe TreKK LA’s mixing of space, fashion, music, visual and wearable art a recipe for success!

*Photos taken by LA-based Photographer, Claire Barrett

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