Saturday, April 21, 2007

Musey Fun at the Playboy Mansion

Not everyone may be aware that The Liquid Muse can create a Signature Cocktail, just for you! Corporate events, launch parties, openings, lifestyle celebrations all call for exciting libations. I am here to help.

Imagine my excitement over creating 4 scrumptious delights for the Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Playboy Mansion, next week. (Girls Next Door is my #1 guilty pleasure!) Here is my ad, which will run in the program, featuring one of those delicious drinks. And, I will have photos from the event - bunnies beware!!! :-)

*Ad layout:


Anonymous said...

ooh... that drink sounds great! What a great way to use vodka...and for those of us who are chocolate fans...yum!

The Tailored Woman said...

What a gorgeous drink! And congrats on how much you have accomplished over the last year! I'm dazzled by your energy and ideas.