Monday, October 15, 2007

Today is Mixology Monday!

If you have not yet emailed me your contribution of cocktail - food pairings, please do so today!!!

I'm compiling an intriguing list of cocktail bloggers' and food bloggers' pairings. (So cool to get everyone together.) Not sure where some of my cocktail blogger buddies went for this one... Camper? Paul? Darcy? Jeffrey? Gwen? Rick? Where you at?

I'm going post today's MxMo tomorrow, so everyone has a chance to get their link emailed over...

Chow! I mean, "Ciao." (This pairings thing is making me hungry!)


Christian said...

hi, here is the first german mxmo ; i writte in german cause just german visitors^^ - but i think you can translate the articel whit google. and nobody has to translate the cocktail ;-)

greatings from bavaria

Anonymous said...

i'm here, i'm here!

Anonymous said...

I've posted an entry too! Please find it here:

Thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie,

Here's mine, just under the wire:

Paul's Pairing

Thanks for hosting!

Paul said...

October 17 I turn the big 50! Here I am in Brazil and my husband wants to take me out to a special resuarant in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. We chose to eat at Barraca Do Francaise a beautiful place on the water across from Pedra do Sol in Itapoa. We ordered Oysters fresh from Santa Caterina served with olive oil and mild green hot sauce and fresh lime.The oysters were so fresh and so delicious. Next as we sat and looked at the beautiful ocean waves rolling in and out and the surfers catching as many good waves as possible the drink I ordered came. It was called a marangoroska. Made with fresh strawberries, sugar and Perfect 1864 Vodka which I was very glad to see they carried.I was quite surprised but very pleased because this is really the only vodka that is exceptable to me for a variety of reasons. I suppose the most important is the exceptional purity of ingredients and smoothness of taste.Since it was my birthday I felt very special seeing my favorite vodka in such an unexpected place as Brazil. It was a French Barraca though so in that way it did make sense since Peureux Perfect1864 Vodka is from France. I thouroughly enjoyed my drink as the next coarse came. We ordered filet mignon wrapped in bacon. It was so tener and tasty I thought I was in a five star restaurant.My husband ordered a red snapper dish that I could not help but to taste. It tasted so fresh I would swear they caught it fresh an hour ago. I was so full that I could not eat another thing but my husband insisted on champagne to celebrate 50 years of life so I partook of coarse. We had friends from Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland and Corsica there at the Barraca Do Francaise to join in on the toast. Such a lovely day!