Monday, October 13, 2008

Celebrity Sips - Ringo Starr

A Long, Tall Drink of Ingratitude

I'm sorry to say that if you're a celebrity... an aging member of the BEATLES, no less, you do not get to ask fans to stop "bothering" you with fan mail. I mean, is that the height of arrogance, or what?

In this article, Ringo Starr announces, via the media, that any fan mail or requests for autographs received after October 20 will be "be tossed [in the trash]" because he is "too busy" to sign stuff.

He can flash the peace sign as much as he likes and repeat "peace and love" a million times over, but he sounds like quite the self-important, upper-class cad as far as I'm concerned.

*Photo from Reuters

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Jimbo Walker said...

Ringo has been in AA for 20 something years now. Not that having to give up drinking is a bad thing (NOT A BAD THING...Did I say that?) but, that A-Hole is not worth sweating. Especially on a Booze Blog...and I really hate anything that upsets your pretty little face...