Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Charmed Cocktails

Chef Ron Oliver has an eye for design… not only for making beautiful food and drinks but also for finding ways to incorporate his culinary passions into jewelry. His clever and eye catching necklaces allow you to pair your favorite dish using eggplant, chilis or fruits with glass ornamentation of Nature’s bounty.

Ron also recently put out a charming booklet of his own colorful cocktails. Pulling from a wide range of ingredients – including surprises like avocado – the
gorgeous photos are enough to inspire any enterprising foodie to take their talents behind the bar. Along with the book, Ron created Drink Charms, which are elegant little “bracelets” for the cocktail glass.

I love the idea of presenting a guest with a glass with a bejeweled marker so I don’t end up washing glasses throughout the night when people mix them up or leave them in another room. In addition to adding a festive touch, the personalization of your guests’ glasses brings an extra element of style to your soiree or brunch.

Consider a set for yourself, and keep in mind that these goodies make charming hostess gifts and holiday surprises for the foodie or cocktail lover in your life.

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