Monday, October 13, 2008

MxMo XXXII: Guilty Pleasures

I love creamy cocktails, whether made with coconut cream or the thick stuff that comes from a cow. Line me up a fancy glass, a long silk glove and an elongated cigarette holder. (Who cares if I kicked the ciggie habit 3 years ago. We’re going for effect on this one...)

It has been a while since I last participated in a MxMo, but I was quite enticed with the idea to feature guilty pleasures as this month’s topic. It was my first visit to Two at the Most and Stevi looks like my kind of gal. As far as I’m concerned, the guiltier, the more pleasurable it is!

The fun part was trying to figure out which drink to feature. A 50’s style Grasshopper? A Creamsicle? A Pink Squirrel? I want to be the one to bring those fattening little suckers back to cocktail menus everywhere. Of course, that will never fly in L.A. so I tried this one with soy milk… and frankly, it wasn’t half bad.

So, yeah, it may have a few extra calories… but champagne isn’t exactly diet food, either. I’m not going to convince you to embrace creamy cocktails. (Given the slew of political email I’m getting from people who already know I’m voting for Obama… I am not into hammering others with what they should or shouldn’t support!)

However, I will entice you by letting you know that the guilty pleasure-ness of this drink recipe is doubled by the fact that it comes to you straight out of the Playboy’s Host & Bar Book, circa1971.

Shake your tail and wiggle your whiskers for the Pink Creole:

1 1/2 ounces golden rum
1/2 ounce lime juice
1 teaspoon cream (or soy milk)
1 teaspoon grenadine
1 black cherry, soaked in rum

Shake all ingredients, with ice. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Add cherry.

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