Monday, April 23, 2007

It’s Mind Bottling!

Guinness Draft To Go

Ok, so I stole that expression from Blades of Glory. (Will Ferrell is my love-monkey. No, not that Will Farrell, this Will Ferrell. You silly goose.)

But, seriously, aren’t you excited that you can now take your favorite draft with you on picnics, barbeques - even to watch men’s paired figure skating? While you may not get to experience the smell of steaming bangers-n-mash and stale beer on the floor (a staple sensory experience in many pubs) you will get the thick, creamy flavor of Guinness anywhere you may wander. While you check out the Guinness website, take a gander at their new logo. (The classic Irish brew is keeping a slick, modern image...)

And, the best news of all is that a bottle of Guinness Draft has only 125 calories, so manly men and sexy mamas stay looking hot while keeping cool under the summer sun. And, that is so awesome it simply bottles the mind

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