Friday, April 20, 2007

Jonathan Gold Pops LA Weekly's Pulitzer Cherry

Jonathan Gold, is the first food critic to win a pulitzer. And, its the first such prize for the publication he calls home, LA Weekly. His reports on the porno burrito, claws and effect crab and Izayoi's sake made a big splash.

He first joined LA Weekly in 1982 as a proofreader and later covered cutting-edge music. As he won national acclaim Gourmet Magazine wooed him to the Big Apple where he was their NY Food Critic. Happily for Angelenos, in 2001, he returned to the sunny West Coast (yeah, missed us, eh big guy?) and re-joined his old crew at theWeekly, still contributing to Gourmet.

It has all come full circle for Gold. Proof that "readers" go far in life...
*Photos courtesy of LA Weekly

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