Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What does Billionaire Bachelor Calvin Ayre Drink?

His Own Signature Cocktail, of course!

Whether taking in the Kentucky Derby, hosting a $2,000,000 Poker Tournament or lounging poolside in Monte Carlo, Bodog.com founder, Calvin Ayre is the top dog when it comes to living the glamorous life.

Maybe you saw him on last year’s cover of Forbes Magazine’s "Billionaires" issue? Or, noticed his name among People’s “Hottest Bachelors.” Perhaps you caught him on VH1’s Fabulous Life Presents: Secret Lives of the Mega Rich? The underlying message: Calvin’s average day is the stuff of an Average Joe’s fantasies.

So, when Mr. Ayre was ready for his own Signature Cocktail to complement his jet-setting lifestyle, his peeps summoned The Liquid Muse!

Now, creating a cocktail for a billionaire is not to be taken lightly! Let’s face it, he is used to having the best of
everything. So, armed with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire (his spirit of choice) and my trusty cocktail shaker, I pulled out my shot glass and got to work! Pulling from a couple of classic cocktails (the Negroni and the Salty Dog) I added a billionaire twist – and I hear Mr. Ayre is quite pleased with the result…

Billion-Ayre’s Bet
3 ounces Bombay Sapphire gin
2 ounces freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

3/4 ounce Campari
Squeeze of lime


Ice Cubes

Shake gin, juices and Campari with ice cubes. Strain and pour into Rocks glass filled with fresh ice cubes. Top with champagne. Garnish with lime wheel.

Today, Bodog.com is an Entertainment Empire with a multi-media focus.
However, ten years ago, it began as a gambling site, which millions of people still visit to bet on a variety of games and events. With the Kentucky Derby coming up, Bodog.com shares their own version of the traditional Mint Julep for its “dawgs” to enjoy.

btw - I created this, too, and will be enjoying one at the Kentucky Derby myself, this year. (I’ll take big hats over big hair, anyday.) Throw your own Derby Day party and let me know how you like the drink!

Bodog JetSet Julep
3 ounces bourbon (Woodford Reserve is the "official" bourbon of the Derby)
1 ounce Gran Gala orange liqueur (made with VSOP brandy)

1 ounce *mint-infused raw sugar simple syrup

Ice cubes

Crushed ice

Heaping bunch of fresh mint
Shake bourbon, orange liqueur and simple syrup vigorously, with ice cubes. Strain into Collins glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a handful of fresh mint and a short straw.

*Mint-Infused Raw Sugar Simple Syrup
1 cup raw sugar
1 cup water

large handful of fresh mint

Boil water, sugar and mint until the mixture reaches a rolling boil. Then, simmer for a few minutes. Remove from heat, let cool and strain into a small glass pitcher or jar. Refrigerate.
*Drink photos: Claire Barrett Photography

And, while you’re living the life of a super star, don’t forget to give back. Calvin does. The Canadian-born philanthropist comes from a rural background and funneled his early ambitions into selling fruit from his truck. Early on, Ayre embraced the basic principles of hard work and humility as a “sure bet” for success. He chairs the Calvin Ayre Foundation, which has a strong focus on environmental issues, animal welfare and education for disadvantaged youth. Hmm… If the new Bad-Boy Mantra is 'live large, play hard and give big,' I’ll drink to that!

*Drink like a billionaire! Order your own signature cocktail from The Liquid Muse... (email natalie@theliquidmuse.com)


DC Celine said...

mmmmm...looks like I have another one to add to the list of Things I Will Drink When I Can Have Alcohol Again. Nat, stop it!

claire barrett said...

I love the names you gave these cocktails...so clever!
It's great to see that Mr. Ayre does so much with his foundation...he definitely seems to be the complete package! Is he single???!!?

Deb said...

Couple a great cocktail & Mr. Ayre (easy on the eyes...) and you have once fantastic time!

I need a drink! ;)

Shawn said...

I have hosted a Derby Party pretty much annually since I left Kentucky. I think a Derby Party should be a long, laid-back afternoon, with homemade Kentucky food (or at least Southern food) and plenty of bourbon. Mint juleps are key, but an alternative (like the cocktail you created) can steal the show. For example, I usually make a frozen bourbon slush with citrus and tea -- and add a bourbon floater if you like. It's a toss up every year whether I'll serve more juleps or slush.

I'm getting excited just thinking about it. The Derby is only 10 days away!

Anonymous said...

He's hot, humble and Canadian. Does he have a significant other?

I'll go to the Deby with you!!

This is Khristina by the way. ;-)

Joy Kennelly said...

Natalie, I love you! YOU ROCK!

Thanks for always inspiring me with your down-to-earth, humble way of announcing the most amazing things!

I'm so glad we're friends and so glad you're part of The Blog/Zine Network.

Keep knockin' 'em dead Liquid Muse!

Anonymous said...

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