Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get Your Motor Running With V-Twin Wine

"It's not that bikers have gone soft," says Scott Del Fava, brand manager of V-Twin Vineyards. "We're just conspicuous consumers; we like the finer things in life."

The 2005 V Twin Zinfandel was launched in March, catering to the "bad boys" (and girls) of biking who have evolved beyond the "outlaw biker" image as they enter their 40's and 50's. Family oriented with an appreciation for a good meal and, let's face it, the bucks to buy a Harley, the people behind V Twin declare, "These ain't no sissy wines!"

The company is also fostering an online community, the “Easy Rider Wine Club,” that allows members to post photos of their bikes, share news and information, and participate in events and activities.

The grapes for V Twin come from an estate vineyard nestled into Dry Creek Valley in Santa Rosa, California, where cool, foggy mornings give way to sun-filled afternoons. The result is a sassy Zin which holds up to spicy sausage, a big old hunk-o-charbroiled steak or a sloppy pulled-pork sandwich.
As Scott puts it, "After a long weekend ride, I like to open a bottle while waiting for the grill to heat up. This wine is good – damn good!”

(Personal Aside: When my French, "white collar" dad turned 60 - he got his first tatoo. Several years later, he now has about 5 of them... and got his motorcycle license through Harley Davidson. All I can say is that I know what is going into his Christmas stocking, this year!)

Pour a little power in your glass with this debut vintage, and keep an eye out for planned releases such as: River Run Chardonnay®, Poker Run Cabernet®, Redwood Run Zinfandel®, Toy Run Rose®, Bike Week Merlot®, – and a special Reserve V-Twin Zin® with a flaming skull on the front label.

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Agent Red said...

This wine is really much better than we expected. We have had occasion to try many different 'gimmick' wines and they all failed to thrill. This one displayed character and balance while delivering a great overall drinking experience. Thanks to our spies for bringing this wine to our attention. We have it on sale this weekend and we're nearly sold out!