Monday, September 03, 2007

Holy Guacamole - There's A Grasshopper in My Taco!

Ok, I lied. There were like a hundred tiny grasshoppers in my taco in Washington DC. Come to find out, the grasshopper and guacamole tacos are Oyamel's third best-seller, behind chicken and beef. (Who knew that the District's gourmets were so adventurous?)

The new downtown eatery is the latest from Spanish "restaur-entrepreneur" Jose Andres, whose downtown empire includes Jaleo, Cafe Atlantico (w/ mini-bar), Zaytinya - not to mention Jaleo and Oyamel in Crystal City. In the space formerly known as Andale, Oyamel continues serving up Cocina Mexicana, and added a slick ceviche bar designed by Adamstein and Demetriou (who finessed other Andres properties).

To accompany the 'fare with latin flare,' Oyamel serves a range of cocktails which follow the "only fresh fruits" trend including a fab bourbon and passionfruit cocktail, as demonstrated by Manager Steve Fowler, in this photo. It is a great way for non-brown spirits drinkers to sample something on the "dark" side topped with an oh-so-palatable passionfruit foam.

Insider Tip: The menu will soon feature an horchata and rum cocktail. I got a sneak peek the other night when visiting Oyamel with friends, Jackie Shulman and Tony Dobranski. You can catch it on the fall menu (or say The Liquid Muse sent you to get a preview... shhh...)

Looking over the impressive collection of tequilas behind the bar, it seems appropriate to use the term "tequileria" when referring to this downtown watering hole. I was even introduced to a brand with which I am not yet acquainted. Azul Siembra is suave, indeed, and makes for a kick-culo margarita with salt and lime foam.

So, the next time you're inside the Beltway and looking for a place to dine and drink (maybe on the way to or from the theatre... Shakespeare is across the street and Woolly Mammoth is around the corner), pop your head into Oyamel. You'll love it. Bugs and all.


Anonymous said...

out of all the places inside the beltway doing serious cocktails you chose the "chi chi" our drinks are boring place? Try PX or Restaurant Eve for well made cocktails. The Andres' chain is a waste of your time for food and alcohol. said...

Patience, darling, I have more posts to come.

And, I am well acquainted with Todd Thrasher's work at both PX and Restaruant Eve (and that group's new property Majestic).

Also, here is a bit of DC cocktail trivia for you - Todd used to work with the Andres chain.

In the meantime, please feel free to send me your favorite cocktails. I'd be more than happy to post them as a Sipster Submission...

xo The Liquid Muse

gwen said...

wow, someone's been a busy girl! site looks great nat.