Friday, November 30, 2007

Celebrity Sips - "The RanciPandiTini"

Take one part reality show star, one part celebrity gossip show hostess, add a pinch of bling, a swirl of style, shake it all up, strain into a rocks filled glass-o-love!

When I interviewed Giuliana DePandi, last year, I was struck by her ever so simple “girl next door” vibe. (Pretty cool for someone who has interviewed every major A-lister in Hollywood!) And, the way she gushed when talking about then-boyfriend Bill Rancic (winner of Donald Trump's The Apprentice) ... well, let's just say that it wasn't a surprise when they announced their engagement a few months later. Fast forward a year, and their wedding bells were a-ringing on the island of Capri.

While planning her nuptuals earlier this year, Giuliana asked me about cocktails made with lemoncello, a typically Italian lemon liqueur. After seeing Giuliana mention the recent “gimme gimme word of the day” on E! recently, I couldn't resist creating this cocktail in honor of the blissful couple.


by The Liquid Muse

1 ounce lemoncello
2 ounces Trump vodka



rosemary stalk

Rim chilled cocktail glass with sugar, set aside. Shake lemoncello and vodka, with ice. Strain into martini glass, top with champagne and garnish with rosemary stalk.

Photo came from here.

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