Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A little "Vignette" ...

Fade In:

A young man spreads out a white picnic blanket on a grassy field. He sets down a straw picnic basket and begins to lay out its contents as the camera pulls back to reveal his very pregnant wife sitting beside him.

Husband: Darling, I brought all your favorite foods - a little (pasturized) cheese, some hearty whole grain bread and some (fully cooked, mercury-free) salmon on a bed of (organic) greens.

Wife: (looks forlorn and breathes a little sigh) Thank you, honey. That is very thoughtful.

Husband: Why do you look unhappy?

Wife: (whistfully) I am just so dang tired of drinking mineral water! What I wouldn't give for a sip of something more exciting to complement this lovely meal...

Husband: (with a little smirk) Ta-da!

He unwraps a white linen napkin to reveal a bottle filled with a honey-colored carbonated liquid.

Wife: (with a hopeful gasp) What... is that?

Husband: This is Vignette. Its an alcohol-free Wine Country soda, made from all-natural ingredients, sweetened with sun-ripened Chardonnay grapes and finished with an effervescent tingle on the tongue.

Wife: You mean... it's a sparkling, liquorless juice made from the same grapes as my favorite wine?

Husband: Yes, darling. That's exactly what I mean. There is even a Pinot Noir version for when you have a craving for red.

Wife: My Hero! (she gives a sly smile, and crooks her finger) Now, get over here, you clever, clever man...

The End.

Fade Out.


DC Celine said...

ummm...is there something you want to tell us, or is this just a clever vignette?

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Good Lord, no! I am still guzzling booze and loving it.

However, I am doing a lot of work with alcohol-free products, these days. So... whenever the fateful day arrives that I will need to lay off the sauce, I'll still have something fun to drink!!!

(Geez - you almost gave me a heart attack! No babies yet, thank you very much! :-)

DC Celine said...

sorry sorry - it would've been an elegant way to announce and still get a product review in, though!

reminds me - have to look for dry soda out here