Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Customized Gifts are the Trend, This Christmas!

The Liquid Muse Signature Cocktails Makes Gift-Giving Intoxicatingly Easy

In a world where everything is mass produced, luxury brands are available worldwide and a “double tall, no-foam, skim latte” tastes the same in Paris, Tokyo or Chicago, isn’t it nice to find ways to personalize gift-giving with a truly unique spin?

As seen on the Today Show, there are more and more options to partake in this growing trend – and with the Holiday Season approaching, that is a relief! Couples can pony up $4000 to take part in a wine-making workshop at Crushpad, in San Francisco. They get to name the wine, create their own label and crush the grapes. (which sounds like a gift in and of itself, if you ask me!)

However, for those of you who don’t have 4-grand laying around, yet are looking to buy a special gift– which requires very little effort and lots of fun on your part – why not consider The Liquid Muse Signature Cocktails for your loved ones? Packages include a recipe for their very own personalized holiday drinks, along with The Liquid Muse Recipe Coasters featuring that drink!

I have created The Liquid Muse Signature Cocktails for wine and spirits companies; fancy shin-digs and even some famous people. Don't your friends and family deserve the same?
You may even be tempted to give yourself a gift this year…

E-me at Natalie@theliquidmuse.com for a list of packages and prices!

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DC Jeff said...

Hello our liquidmuse. Where can we get some Vignette? Sounds delish.