Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LA Chef, Amy Jurist, Takes Over the Ghetto!

Catch Her Tonight in Mar Vista

Here's a follow up to yesterday's announcement about tonight's Ghetto Gourmet dinner...

LA's own wonderful and talented Chef Amy Jurist will cook at tonight's event. I can personally vouch for Amy as I've previously had the pleasure of experiencing her culinary treats first-hand. And - she is pulling together a fabulous dinner for 50 at the very last minute, as San Fran Chef Cynthia Washburn had to bow out at the last minute. Here's the line-up:

carmelized pear and brie crostini
beet and goat cheese salad with shallot balsamic dressing
butternut squash soup with garlic nutmeg cream
Salmon with cajun honey sauce
assorted pastries from Portos bakery

Rock on with your bad-self, Amy!

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