Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bewitch A Man

Modern Day Witch, Fiona Horne
(and her Lusty Martini)

“You’ve read He’s Just Not That Into You. You’re a member of three Internet dating services, two book clubs and a salsa class… and yet, you are still single. Is spell-casting to get a man any crazier than some of the other things we do?”Fiona Horne

This lady intrigues the hell out of me. I had to meet her for myself. Not only have I held a fascination for the occult since childhood (and cocktail recipes are alcoholic potions, after all) but the thought of “bewitching a man” sounds rather… well, smashingly fun!

Horne is an accomplished author, TV / radio personality, real-life witch and has been featured in both Australian and American Playboy. Yes, she is articulate, mysterious and HOT! So, what the heck would Fiona know about needing to attract male attention? I'd think she shoos it away 24/7.

I got some insight while chatting with this Australian beauty at the kitchen table of the seriously swank Hollywood mansion (overlooking Sunset Blvd) in which she dwells. (After that visit, I am awaiting a book on how to Bewitch a Real Estate Agent!)

A native of Sydney, Fiona, who is adopted, grew up in a strict, Catholic household. She began her investigation into alternative spirituality as a teen, before the days of the Internet. The New Age movement was underway at that time (the 80’s) and she identified with groups looking to create conscious change.

Particularly drawn to pagan practices of the Northern European tribes (whom she explains “lived close to the earth” summoning both feminine and masculine energies) she found that she is genetically related to the people of that region. Some people in that area are modern-day Jews, so Fiona jokes that maybe she is “Jewitch.” Though some young people call themselves “witches” to justify promiscuity or other rebellious acts, Fiona says she came at it from an older spiritual path, maintaining conservative and high morals.

Horne became a popular musical artist in Australia and followed her career to Los Angeles in the 90’s. The band broke up in ’97 but Fiona stuck around. Through the hard times, she clung to her own form of spirituality, and became a mentor for others. She describes her book, Bewitch A Man, as a woman’s guide to personal empowerment, developing mind, body and spirit. Finally applying her advice to her own life, Fiona says that after six years of being single, she is inundated with dates.

She says the inspiration for her book came from the many fantastic women she knows in their 30’s and 40’s who complain about not finding men. Though LA may be a “screwy place to date,” she says that women need to remember a few important truths:
  • A woman has no ‘use by’ date
  • What we think today happens tomorrow
  • Everyone deserves love
Fiona talks a lot about visualization (which is something I strongly believe in, myself!). She also suggests “ritualizing” aspects of life, and points out that it is something we do inherently (lighting candles before sex, for example). She encourages women to ‘bewitch’ their own lives, first, and highlights that all forms of love are sacred. Another strong theme is making every moment meaningful, centering on personal goals and doing so in connection with energy, reminding women that “what you send out, returns three-fold."

The book includes a bit of practical application for novices. A few of Fiona’s spells includemake him call,” “I guarantee this won’t be a one-night stand,” “bring my lover back” and “releasing sadness.” (On the latter note, her chapter on hexing the bastards can come in pretty handy, too...)

Sound like mumbo-jumbo? Tell that to Harvard University. Fiona is one only non-academic invited to speak at their symposium on contemporary witchcraft!

If you want a man in your life for the holidays, or already have one, I suggest picking up Bewitch A Man for yourself. (I keep my copy close at hand…) In the meantime, take a peek at her webiste and charm your friends (or love-targets) with Fiona’s Lusty Martini:

Lusty Martini
Courtesy of Fiona Horne, author of Bewitching A Man

2 ounces vanilla-flavored vodka
1 ounce Godiva liqueur
Splash of orange curacao

Shake ingredients and serve with a chocolate-dipped strawberry on the side. Feed the strawberry to your lover while visualizing a lust-filled evening…

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