Thursday, November 30, 2006

Where’s the HOOCH?
And, enough with the COOCH!

Lately, while innocently surfing my favorite celebrity gossip sites, toying with ideas for my recurring posts “Celebrity Sips,” I’m grossing out!

I now affectionately refer to Paris and friends as "Young Hollywood’s Crack Pack" as they've taken to sporting mini skirts commando, ensuring the world a steady supply of not-so-necessary crotch-shots. Lindsey’s privates hit tabloid headlines twice in the last month - and now Britney has joined in. (Wasn't she on a "classing up my act" campaign??) Ladies, for chrissakes, wtf? Put on some freakin’ panties already!

K-Fed’s former playground holds little-to-no interest for most people… Gawker's title sums it up best “Britney’s Vagina’s Reign of Terror Continues!” Read more in Pink Is The New Blog’s article “Lips Don’t Lie.” And, more in The Superficial's coverage of Brit's lack thereof.

Here’s a little stripper tip for the “unholy trinity”:
Pick up some flesh toned, ultra low-rise g-strings. Though ‘barely there’ they avoid you leaving that nasty little ‘snail trail’ for the poor unwitting soul who may sit down after you. WhoWhatWearDaily has a few suggestions, too.

All I can say after all this yuck-n-muck, is that I need a drink!

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