Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fight Fire with Fire (and flair!)

If you’re in the District this evening and looking for a night out (with the added benefit of contributing to something other than a hangover) head over to Fahrenheit, in Georgetown’s Ritz Carlton, to sample Chef Terence Feury’s favorite fiery foods and drinks.

The cocktail party benefits the The Firefighters Burn Foundation, established in 2004, helps firefighters fallen victim to burns, supports their families, and funds extensive hospital services at burn centers throughout the city.

Don't forget extra cash for the silent auction! (Dontcha just love drinking AND shopping for a good cause?)
The fun starts at 5:00pm. Suggested donation is $25.


DC Celine said...

Muse, darlin', I'll second the pitch to go to Fahrenheit - I think it's an overlooked restaurant. We had a gorgeous lunch there with a delightful white (can't remember what it was now) said...

Super! I was in DC this week - but only for a few days - what a wonderful whirlwind it was!!

Unfortunately, I left today and missed this fab event!!

I'll check out your blog to see if you made it over...


DC Celine said...

Wish I had...between a work crunch and the last week of a grad school class that actually requires grad-school-level work, I was buried.