Thursday, November 16, 2006


How Smart Are You?

I’m about to make your holiday shopping very easy.

If you know anyone... I mean anyone at all... on your Nice (or Naughty) list who indulges in the occasional cocktail, this trivia game is a no-brainer gift idea.

Slick and stylish CocktailSmarts comes in a decorative tin filled with a 'cocktail tips' booklet, score sheets, playing cards and cocktail quiz coasters (upon which to place game-time hydration). I’ve been thumbing through the questions and found myself scratching my head more than once. (I’m trying to resist the urge to read them all before I actually get to PLAY!)

I’m taking this home for Thanksgiving. After a few drink-i-poos and turkey-coma, I see CocktailSmarts as a great way to bond with family (and avoid those “When will you make me a grandmother?” inquisitions…)

See? I got smarter already…

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